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Judith Scull

Judith Scull Fine Art

Vineland, NJ


I have been painting most of my life and certainly all of my adult life. I was a student at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia Pa.for three years studying painting with Doyla Goutman and Ranolph Bye. I left college to marry but returned to get a teaching degree at Glassboro State College which is now Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. I have taught art for over thirty years in every grade from kindergarten through first year of college. The last five years of my teaching career involved supervising art teachers in my district.

Three mediums seem to suit me. Oil, pastel and watercolor are all wonderful, but I prefer watercolor. I love the freshness and sparkle of watercolor. My subjects are everything around me. Some frequent subjects are flowers, stilllife and local landscapes.. Life to me is a stream of experiences and painting is my way of recording those experiences.

I have won many awards and ribbons for my work starting with a second place for a design of a partition for a hotel in Philadelphia, Pa.. I won first place in 1985 for a large oil of plants in my studio. It was a little local show but it was a start. This year I won first place for a pastel stilllife in the Professional catagory called "My Collection" ( a collection of pitchers my husband and I have collected) at the State of NJ Seniors Exhibit. I exhibit and have won many ribbons at Gallery 50 in Bridgeton, NJ, The Riverfront Renaissance Center in Millville, NJ, the Ocean City Art League in Ocean City NJ, the former Vineland Community Art Alliance in Vineland, NJ and the State of New Jersey Senior shows.

Presently I am the President of an arts organization called The Society of New Jersey Artists. The SNJA is over 63 years old. We are a group of about 60 painters who exhibit together four times a year in galleries and libraries in South Jersey. We also invite artists of considerable stature to come and demonstarte their technigues. We also engage in critiique sessions by experienced artists to gain insite into our work. All of this keeps me involved in Art.

I have retired from education formally but I will never retire from being and practicing the production of art as that would be impossible.



Roosters and Chickens by Judith Scull


Double Bloom by Judith Scull


Roses by Judith Scull


Cohansey Queen by Judith Scull


Plum, Peaches, and Apples by Judith Scull


Barn Window by Judith Scull


Wheaton' Potter by Judith Scull


Yellow Tulips by Judith Scull


Raven and Maggie by Judith Scull


Far Niente by Judith Scull


Hungry Seagull by Judith Scull


Poppy Punch by Judith Scull


Jersey Marches by Judith Scull


Horses on Main Rd. by Judith Scull


Upper Room at Naumkeag by Judith Scull


Summer Eats by Judith Scull


Rose of Sharon by Judith Scull


Bessie by Judith Scull


Val's Blue Bike by Judith Scull


Ravello Italy by Judith Scull


Poppies Three by Judith Scull


Poppies Two by Judith Scull


Poppies by Judith Scull


Amaryllis in Chinese Pot by Judith Scull


Copper Colander by Judith Scull


Sunflowers in Rust Glass Pitcher by Judith Scull


View on Eglantine Drive by Judith Scull


North Searport Maine by Judith Scull


Rose in the Clear by Judith Scull


Green Apple and Cherries by Judith Scull


The Burchams Home by Judith Scull


The Solo Swan by Judith Scull


Backyard Snow by Judith Scull


Playing in the Sand by Judith Scull


Large Maple Tree by Judith Scull


Snow in the Tall Oaks by Judith Scull


Shadows of Fall by Judith Scull


Burnt Mill Pond in Late Summer by Judith Scull


Batsto Post Office by Judith Scull